LiveHit's Patent Pending LiveMap

Do you know who these personalities are? They are currently the most popular at Click on a moving image to learn who it is or to visit and learn more about them.

We have solutions for everyone!

LiveHit is the real-time data analytics platform providing end-to-end solutions driving social discovery, site optimization, and ad targeting – all increasing engagement and monetization for your site and applications.

  • Publishers – track any live event happening in your site/applications and showcase your hottest content and actions to your users to drive engagement
  • Ad Networks – Leverage targeted user profiling system to maximize eCPM for campaigns
  • Content Providers – See how your content is performing and make adjustments in real-time. Track your content as it traverses the network and know who’s consuming what and when
  • Infrastructure – integrate our white label services into your offering to seamlessly provide real-time data services and front end solutions to your clients